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What is Inforad

The all new Inforad speed camera warning system is designed to help protect you and your licence. It uses GPS technology to warn you of speed cameras. It's completely road legal and easy to use.

Ingforad and GPS
Inforad knows your position and exact speed by using the network of GPS satellites.
. Warning symbol
Inforad continually checks your position against its database of speed camera locations i.e. risk areas.
. Car and camera
Inforad warns you before you enter a risk area.
Inforad on dash
Inforad is road legal and easy to use, simply place it on your dash and plug it in.
. Inforad box
Inforad comes ready to use straight out of the box.
. Inforad and USB
Inforad uses the Europe's premier database of fixed speed cameras and is easily updated via the Internet.
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